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But here's some old stuff that ain't on it:


My Songs

  1. A Father's Lament: I'm sorry I don't have a timeshare, Daddy.

  2. ORV Ballad: Tearing up the wilderness is good for the environment.

  3. Guns Guns Guns: Charleton Heston has a small caliber barrel.

  4. Dinosaurs: Maybe they should have built more malls in 65,000,000 BC.

  5. Jetski: Evangelists need to get up early if they want to beat the Jetski.

  6. Last Nite: TV doesn't make you crazy; it's the lumps in the couch.

  7. Reaganomics Blues: The Gipper can kiss my aspergum.

  8. Alpha Centauri: I've got to quit smoking this stuff and then writing this stuff.

  9. Happy Hunting: Because caves are drafty.

  10. Barbi: Oh you beautiful doll, you great big-boobed, grotesquely misproportioned doll.

  11. Well Now That You: A country song don't done gotta hav no bee gud englich nor spelt rait neethr.

  12. SDI: Some of our past presidents have also been dumb asses .


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